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Anyone and everyone who wants to visit Cuba can now do so legally, as long as they play by the US government’s rules and conditions. Most travelers still must go in groups and all have to be accompanied by authorized by a US-government licensed operator such as our company Scand-America International located in Tampa Bay. In addition to Miami, non-stop flights from Tampa to the Island would start in September and Scand-America will be able to arrange your travel on several air charter companies.

This island is perfectly located for us! With its rich history, diverse culture, superb beaches and natural beauty. The mystique of Cuba is undeniable. It’s all about going where very few Americans have been.

So much of Cuba is untouched and very safe for travelers. They want you there, but they probably have no idea about the change that is about to happen. Cubans are very friendly. They love to talk with you and we encourage travelers not to shy away from conversations if approached. They are one of the most highly educated populace in the Caribbean, and you will know when there is a subject not to be discussed. The average temperature is approximately 78 degrees which is very comfortable.

We are currently arranging travel to Cuba for a number of educational and religious institutions, but after the recent changes in Washington, we will also be working with organizations offering licensed PEOPLE TO PEOPLE programs that anyone can sign up for. These programs are for travelers who want to mix, mingle, meet and share experiences with local Cubans.

SCAND-AMERICA offers a full range of Cuba travel services for American citizens. Whether you are Cuban American, or an individual or group of any size who legally qualify to travel to Cuba, we can assist you.

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